A very rare victory issue of Trajan from the Armenian Koinon
Lot 891
ARMENIA MINOR, Koinon of Armenia. Trajan, 98-117. 'Sestertius' (Orichalcum, 35 mm, 30.53 g, 12 h), Nicopolis ad Lycum, RY 17 and CY 43 = 113/4. ΑΥΤ ΚΑΙϹ ΝЄΡ ΤΡΑΙΑΝΟϹ ϹЄΒ ΓЄΡΜ ΔΑΚ ΤΟ ΖΙ Laureate head of Trajan to right, with slight drapery on his left shoulder. Rev. ΚΟΙΝΟΝ ΑΡΜЄΝΙΑϹ ЄΤΟΥ ΜΓ Armenia, wearing tiara, seated left on shields, propping her head on her right hand in attitude of mourning; to left, trophy of arms. Kovacs 302. RPC III 2944. Very rare and of great historical interest. Traces of removed encrustations, otherwise, nearly very fine.

From an important collection of Armenian coins.

This very rare coin from the Armenian Koinon celebrates Trajan's conquest and annexation of Armenia in 114. The issue is dually dated to the regnal year of the emperor on the obverse and the civic era of Nicopolis ad Lycum on the reverse, the latter of which was introduced in 71/2 following the dissolution of the Kingdom of Armenia Minor and its incorporation into the province of Galatia-Cappadocia. Style and size are closely reminiscent of sestertii and the type is obviously heavily influenced by Roman imperial propaganda, which makes it likely that it was struck in support, or by command, of Roman military forces, all the more as Nicopolis ad Lycum lay on a strategically important crossroad on the way to the Armenian frontline.
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