Ex Tkalec, 23 October 1992, 285
Lot 1149
Commodus, 177-192. Denarius (Silver, 19 mm, 3.45 g, 7 h), Rome, 184. M COMMODVS ANTON AVG PIVS BRIT Laureate head of Commodus to right. Rev. VOTA SVSC DEC PM TR P VIIII IMP VII / COS IIII P P Commodus, togate and veiled, standing front, head to left, sacrificing with his right hand over tripod altar. BMC 150 var. (differing obverse legend). Cohen 1003. RIC 99c. Rare. A beautifully toned example with a portrait of fine style. Extremely fine.

Ex Tkalec, 23 October 1992, 285.
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