Naming Pharnabazos and Samaria
Lot 1123
SAMARIA. Circa 375-333 BC. Obol (Silver, 10 mm, 0.63 g, 6 h), Pharnabazos, satrap. ΦAPNBAΖC Head of Pharnabazos to left, wearing satrapal headdress. Rev. 𐡍𐡓𐡌𐡔 ('nrms' in Aramaic) Forepart of pegasus to right. Meshorer & Qedar 1. Sofaer 44. Very rare. Very fine.

From the Canaan Collection.

This interesting coin names Pharnabazos, the Persian satrap of Phrygia, on the obverse and the province of Samaria on the reverse. It is interesting to note that both legends appear retrograde.
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