A beautiful diassarion from Maeonia
Lot 412
LYDIA. Maeonia. Pseudo-autonomous issue. Diassarion (Bronze, 24 mm, 7.83 g, 7 h), Ail. Neon Ioul., magistrate, circa 147-161 AD. ZЄYC OΛYMΠIOC Draped bust of Zeus Olympios to right, wearing taenia. Rev. ЄΠI AI NЄ[ΩNO]C MAIONΩN Helmeted Roma seated left on cuirass, holding Nike in her right hand and parazonium with her left. RPC IV online 1310. SNG von Aulock 3009. A coin of great beauty and with a magnificent rendering of Zeus. Breaks in patina on edge, otherwise, extremely fine.
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