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Lot 113
KINGS OF MACEDON. Philip II, 359-336 BC. Stater (Gold, 17 mm, 8.54 g, 10 h), Abydos, struck by Leonnatos, Arrhidaios, or Antigonos I Monophthalmos, circa 323-319. Laureate head of Apollo to right. Rev. ΦΙΛΙΠΠOY Charioteer driving biga to right, holding reins in his left hand and goad in his right; below horses, star of four rays and monogram of MA. Le Rider -, cf. pl. 91, 14 (monogram of MO). SNG ANS 300 var. (star with six rays). Thompson, Philip 99. A very attractive example of this rare issue. Good very fine.

From a Viennese collection, formed in the 1990s.
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