An extremely rare drachm of Spur Martan Shah
Lot 753
HUNNIC TRIBES, Western Turks. Zabulistan. Spur Martan Shah, circa 688-700s. Drachm (Silver, 30 mm, 3.22 g, 10 h), 'Spur Martan Shah' type, Zabulistan, Year 8 (probably a regnal year). Struck circa AH 75 = AD 694. Crowned and draped Sasanian-style bust to right; behind head, AFZUT GDH ('may his kingship increase' in Pahlawi); before head, SPUR in Pahlawi; in outer margin, PWN SM Y YZDT' SPWL BG HWT'P WHM'N'C MRT'N MLKA ('in the name of God, Spur, his Majesty, the Lord, Wahmanaz Martan Shah' in Pahlawi). Rev. Sasanian fire altar set on three steps, flanked by two attending priests (mabedh) standing facing; to left date, 'eight' in Pahlawi; to right, mint 'Z'WL' ('Zabul' in Pahlawi); in outer margin, 'fine currency of Spur' in Pahlawi. Vondrovec, Type 211. Extremely rare. The flan slightly wavy and with a minor flan crack, otherwise, about extremely fine.

From the Tabib Collection, formed over the past 40 years.

Our coin belongs to a group of four coin types bearing the title 'Spur', all of which are known from a few specimens only. It has been suggested that 'Spur' was the title of the son of a King of Zabulistan known under the title 'Rubtil', who became famous by driving the Arabs out of Kabul in 665.
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