Struck in the months before the capture of Jerusalem by the Sasanids
Lot 1811
Heraclius, 610-641. Follis (Bronze, 34 mm, 16.14 g, 7 h), Jerusalem, RY 4 = October 613-May 614. Crowned and bearded bust of Heraclius facing, wearing consular robes, holding mappa in his right hand and eagle-tipped scepter in his right hand. Rev. Large M between A/N/N/O and II/II; above cross; below, IЄPOCO'. DOC -. MIB, pl. 14, x27. SB 852B. A very rare and historically important issue. Somewhat rough and with light areas of weakness, otherwise, very fine.

Our coin was struck during the short period of time between October 613, the beginning of the fourth year of Heraclius' reign, and May 614, when the city of Jerusalem fell into the hands of the Persians. After twenty days of siege the Sasanian troops, under the command of the fearsome general Shahrbaraz, stormed the city and massacred a large part of its inhabitants.
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