An exceptional 'Standing Caliph' fals from Iliya Filastin (Jerusalem)
Lot 608
ISLAMIC, Umayyad Caliphate. temp. 'Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan, AH 65-86 / AD 685-705. Fals (Bronze, 20 mm, 3.21 g, 12 h), 'Standing Caliph' type, Iliya Filastin (Jerusalem), AH 74-80 / AD 693/4-699/700. Caliph standing facing, bearded and with his wavy hair flowing over his shoulders, placing his right hand on his sword and with whip hanging from his right hip; around, 'Muhammad rasul Allah' (Muhammad is the messenger of God' in Kufic). Rev. Large and cursive m in center; to left, 'Iliya' in Kufic; to right, 'Filastin' in Kufic; above, crescent; in exergue, pellet. DOCAB 92 var. (differing controls). Goodwin, Khalili Collection, p. 99, 27 (same obverse die) and, idem, Standing Caliph Coinage, Iliya Filastin, Type I. I. Schulze, The Standing Caliph Coins of Jerusalem, 327 (this coin). SICA I, 730. var. (differing controls). Very well struck and in exceptional condition for this usually crude issue. Extremely fine.

Ex Album 13, 18 May 2012, 167 (uncleaned).
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