Signed by Euainetos or Euarchidas
Lot 40
SICILY. Syracuse. Dionysios I, 405-367 BC. Hemidrachm (Silver, 14 mm, 2.06 g, 6 h), signed by Euainetos or Euarchidas. Charioteer driving quadriga galloping to right, holding kentron in his right hand and reins in his left; above, Nike flying left, crowning the charioteer with a wreath; in exergue, artist's signature E between two dolphins. Rev. [ΣΥΡΑΚΟΣΙΩΝ] Head of Arethusa to left, her hair in ampyx and sphendone, wearing pearl necklace; around, two dolphins. HGC 2, 1367 (same dies as illustration). SNG ANS 305 (same reverse die). Extremely rare and beautifully toned. The reverse struck somewhat off center and with a minor scratch on Arethusa's cheek, otherwise, good very fine.

From a European collection, formed before 2005.
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