Very rare and arguably the finest known example
Lot 239
BAKTRIA, Indo-Greek Kingdom. Nikias, circa 129-125 BC. AE (Bronze, 20x23 mm, 8.23 g, 6 h), uncertain mint in Paropamisadai. BAΣIΛEΩΣ - ΣΩTHPOΣ - NIKIOY Laureate and draped bust of Poseidon to right, with trident over his left shoulder. Rev. 'Maharajasa tratarasa Nikiasa' (in Karoshti) Anchor entwined by dolphin; to lower right, monogram. Bopearachchi 4. HGC 12, 234 (same dies as illustration). Very rare and in exceptional condition for the issue, arguably the finest known example. Well struck and with a beautiful near black patina. Nearly extremely fine.
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