A beautiful seal of charming style
Lot 1767
Leon, 12th century. Seal (Lead, 28 mm, 15.82 g, 12 h). MHP - ΘV Half-length figure of the Theotokos “Hagiosoritissa" to left, nimbate, both hands raised in supplication towards a half-length figure of Christ to right, in upper left field, wearing cross nimbus and extending his right hand in blessing. Rev. ΘKЄ RO/HΘЄI ΛЄ/ONTI Cω / OIKET' ('Mother of God, help Leon your servant') in five lines, with decorations above and below. Zacos II 543. A beautiful seal of charming style. Some deposits, otherwise, good very fine.

The Hagiosoritissa is usually shown with her hands raised in supplication towards the Hand of God. This seal, however, shows a charming rendering of the Virgin turned towards a glorified Christ, and being blessed by him.
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