Apparently unpublished and unique
Lot 378
CARIA. Antioch ad Maeandrum. Circa 168/150-133 BC. Tetradrachm (Silver, 29 mm, 15.98 g, 12 h), Eunikos, magistrate. Laureate and draped bust of Apollo to right. Rev. ANTIOXEΩN - EYNIKOΣ Zebu bull standing left on ground line with maeander pattern below; all within Dionysiac wreath of ivy and fruit. BMC -. Leschhorn, Lexicon of Greek Coin Inscriptions -. McClean -. SNG Copenhagen -. SNG Lockett -. SNG von Aulock -. Weber -. Winterthur -, cf. 3298 (drachm). Apparently unpublished and unique as a tetradrachm. About very fine.
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