A very rare and beautifully toned 1/4 Taler of Friedrich Wilhelm
Lot 922
GERMANY. Brandenburg-Preußen (Herzogtum und Kurfürstentum). Friedrich Wilhelm, der Große Kurfürst, 1640-1688. 1/4 Taler (Silver, 30 mm, 7.21 g, 1 h), 1655, commemorating the 35th birthay of the Kurfürst and the birth of the Kurprinz Karl Emil, Berlin, by Carol Thauer. ✱FRID.WILH•D.G•M•BR•ETEL•NAT•6•FEBR•AO •1620 Draped facing bust of Friedrich Wilhelm. Rev. CAROLVS / AEMILIS.D.G. / MARCH•BR•HAERES / ELECTORALIS / NATUS 6•FEBR• / ANNO 1655• in six lines; above, crown; below, under arabesque, •C•T•. Bahrfeldt 350. Von Schrötter 2159c. Very rare and beautifully toned. Nearly extremely fine.
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