A very bold and beautifully engraved weight of 6 ounkia
Lot 885
Byzantine Weights, Circa 5th-7th centuries. Weight of 6 Ounkia (Orichalcum, 39x41 mm, 160.12 g), a thick uniface square commercial weight with quadruple-grooved edges. Γᴑ - † - S, engraved in outline and inlaid in silver, underneath three ornamented arches, one curved, the others pointed, supported by four columns; all engraved in outline and inlaid in copper and silver; above, ΘЄ-૪XAP-IC ('Grace of God'). Rev. Plain. Bendall 55 var. = MAH 26 var. (without ΘЄ૪XAPIC). Pera -. Very rare. A carefully produced and very impressive large commercial weight. The silver inlays missing, otherwise, nearly extremely fine.
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