A very rare antoninianus of Postumus from Colonia Agrippinensis
Lot 1090
Postumus, Romano-Gallic Emperor, 260-269. Antoninianus (Silvered bronze, 20 mm, 3.70 g, 1 h), Cologne, late 268. IMP C POSTVMVS P F AVG Radiate, draped and cuirassed bust of Postumus to right. Rev. IOVI VICTORIA / C - A Jupiter standing left, head to right, hurling thunderbolt with his right hand and holding spear with his left. AGK (corr.) 40. Cunetio 2467. Elmer 570. Very rare. An attractive example of this interesting and popular issue. Very fine.

The C - A on the reverse stands for Colonia Agrippinensis, the Roman name for Cologne.
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