An exceptional drachm from Priene from the H. von Aulock Collection
IONIA. Priene. Circa 190-170 BC. Drachm (Silver, 17 mm, 4.17 g, 12 h), Anaxilas, magistrate. Head of Athena to right, wearing triple-crested Attic helmet and pendant earring. Rev. ΠPIHNEΩN - ANAΞIΛAΣ Amphora. Regling 28 (same dies). SNG von Aulock 7965 (this coin). Extremely rare and by far the finest of three known examples. An exceptional piece, crisply struck, beautifully toned and with an impressive pedigree. Tiny old scratches, otherwise, extremely fine.

Ex Classical Numismatic Group 94, 18 September 2013, 544, Münzen & Medaillen AG 72, 6 October 1987, 646 and Leu 15, 4 May 1976, 302, and from the collection of H. von Aulock (1906-1980).

The city of Priene was refounded in the 4th century BC on a rocky promontory of the Mykale peninsula some 25 km north of Miletos. Constructed on a Hippodamian plan (a grid plan developed by the Greek architect Hippodamus of Miletus (498-408 BC)), the site was only marginally altered in Roman times and today forms the most spectacular surviving example of a late Classical and early Hellenistic polis. Our wonderful drachm was struck in the years after the Seleukid retreat from Asia Minor in the wake of Antiochos III's defeat against the Romans in the Battle of Magnesia in 190/89 BC.
Price: 8,500 CHF


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