From the H. Robinow, C. S. Bement and G. Philipsen Collections, pedigreed to 1909
IONIA. Erythrai (?). Circa 500-480 BC. Didrachm (Silver, 16 mm, 7.00 g). Nude hero (Erythros?) on horseback to right. Rev. Quadripartite incuse square. BMFA 1835 (same reverse die). Jameson 2269 (same reverse die). Rosen (same reverse die). SNG von Aulock 1943 (same reverse die). Traité II, 480 and pl. XII, 10. Rare and with an exceptional pedigree. A beautiful piece of wonderful late Archaic style. About extremely fine.

From the Hermann Robinow Collection, Morton & Eden 51 ('A Collection of Exceptional Ancient Greek Coins'), 24 October 2011, 144, ex Münzen & Medaillen AG 68, 15 April 1986, 281 and Hess 252, 24-25 May 1982, 66, and from the collections of C. S. Bement, Naville VII, 23-24 June 1924, 1450 and G. Philipsen, Hirsch XXV, 29 November 1909, 2128.
Price: 15,000 CHF


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