An exceptional tetradrachm from the Chalkidian League
MACEDON, Chalkidian League. Circa 358-355 BC. Tetradrachm (Silver, 24 mm, 14.47 g, 6 h), Olynthos. Annikas, magistrate. Laureate head of Apollo to right. Rev. XAΛ-KIΔ-EΩN / EΠI ANNIKA Kithara with seven strings. Robinson & Clement 123 (A77/P106). SNG ANS 510 (same obverse die). An exceptional piece, beautifully toned and with a fine style head of Apollo struck in high relief. Very minor flan faults, otherwise, good extremely fine.

Ex Hess-Divo 310, 22 October 2008, 74.

The Chalkidian League was formed when several cities on the Chalkidiki broke away from Athenian rule early in the Peloponnesian War of 431-404. Its capital was the newly founded city of Olynthos, strategically located on a plain that linked the Pallene and Sithonia peninsulas and home to the mint of its beautiful silver coinage. The League became a major regional power in the 4th century BC, but it was dissolved in 348 BC after Philip II of Macedon captured and destroyed the capital Olynthos.
Price: 15,000 CHF


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