From the collections of Robert Käppeli and Prof. S. Pozzi, Naville I, 4 April 1921, 413
SICILY. Katane. Circa 450-435 BC. Tetradrachm (Silver, 25 mm, 17.29 g, 10 h). Charioteer driving quadriga walking to right, holding kentron in his left hand and reins in his right. Rev. KATANAION Laureate head of Apollo to right. BMC 20. Mirone 34. Pozzi 958 (this coin). Rizzo pl. X, 1 (same reverse die). SNG ANS 1246 (same obverse die). A beautiful piece of very attractive severe style, with a lovely old collection tone and a fine pedigree. Struck from a somewhat worn obverse die and with an edge crack, otherwise, about extremely fine.

Ex Numismatica Genevensis 7, 27 November 2012, 16, from the collection of Robert Käppeli (1900-2000), ex Ratto, 4 April 1927, 345, and from the collection of Prof. S. Pozzi, Naville I, 4 April 1921, 413.
Price: 17,500 CHF


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