A spectacular medal from Amsterdam
Amsterdam, City. Medal 1650 (Silver, 69 mm, 85.73 g, 12 h), on the lifting of the siege of the city and the death of William II, Prince of Orange. Dies by S. Dadler (1586-1657). CRIMINE AB UNO DISCE OMNEIS• MDCL• XXX IUL II• Horse jumping to left over view of the city with clouds above and sunrise to right; saddle cloth inscribed U/NI/O - RE/LI/GIO // SIMULANT; in exergue, QUIA BELLA VETABAT; above, crowned coat of arms. Rev. MAGNIS EXCIDIT AUSIS• MDCL• VI NOVEMBRIS• City view of Den Haag, with a funeral procession moving out of the town; above, Phaethon, struck by a lightning from Zeus appearing in the clouds above, falls from Helios' solar chariot. Maué 76. Van Loon II, p. 353. A spectacular piece with a most enchanting iridescent tone. Tiny edge faults, otherwise, virtually as struck.

This wonderful medal commemorates the lifting of the siege of Amsterdam by the Stadtholder William II, Prince of Orange, on 4 August 1650 and his subsequent death from pox on 6 November of the same year.
Price: 6,750 CHF


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