An exceptional rozenobel from Utrecht
LOW COUNTRIES. Republiek der Zeven Verenigde Nederlanden (Dutch Republic). 1581-1795. Rozenobel (Gold, 36 mm, 7.63 g), Utrecht, circa 1600-1601. •MONE NOVA•ORDINVM•TRAIECT FN King in ship facing, holding upraised sword in his right hand and shield with coat of arms of Utrecht in his left; on stern, banner with lion rampant left. Rev. ⁛CONCORDIA⁛RES⁛PARVÆ⁛CRESCVNT⁛ Cross fleurée with six-rayed central star; in each quarter, crown above lion passant left; all within tressure of eight arches; trefoils in spandrels. Delmonte 959. Friedberg 277. A lustrous and exceptionally fresh example. Virtually as struck.

Ex Westerhof 8, 9 September 1989, 166.
Price: 8,500 CHF


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