An extremely rare gold medallion of Constantine I
Constantine I, 307/310-337. Uniface Medallion (Gold, 22 mm, 3.79 g), Siscia (?), circa 318-320. IMP CONSTANTINVS PIVS F AVG Radiate, draped and cuirassed bust of Constantine I to right, seen from behind. Rev. Blank field with central pellet and circular pearled border. Cohen VII, p. 318, 762. G. Depeyrot: Les médaillons d'or unifaces du quatrième siècle (318 - 340), in: Numismatic studies dedicated to Vladimir and Elvira Eliza Clain-Stefanelli. Louvain 1996, pp. 166 and 168, 7a (= Trau 3955). R. Münsterberg: Einseitige Goldmünzen Constantins und seiner Söhne, in: NZ 56 (1923), p. 25. Rauch 73 (2004), 911 (same obverse die). Extremely rare and undoubtedly among the finest known. A very sharply struck example with a bold and impressive portrait. Tiny mark below the eye and with a small flan fault on the reverse, otherwise, good extremely fine.
Price: 17,500 CHF


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