Extremely rare, apparently the second known example
Maximinus II, as Caesar, 305-309. Aureus (Gold, 21 mm, 5.29 g, 7 h), Ticinum, 305-306. MAXMINV-S NOB CAES Laureate head of Maximinus II to right. Rev. FELICITAS CAESS NOSTR / SMT Felicitas seated left, holding caduceus in her right hand and corncuopiae in her left. Calicó -. Depeyrot -. Lanz 160 (2015), 527 (same obverse die). RIC -. Extremely rare, apparently the second known example. An exceptional piece, lustrous and sharply struck with a wonderful portrait. Very thin die breaks, otherwise, virtually as struck.

Struck to commemorate the epochal regime change in 305, this wonderful aureus celebrates the accession of Maximinus II and Severus II as the new Caesars.
Price: 17,500 CHF


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