Theodore Gabras, Duke of Trebizond
Lot 2750
Theodore Gabras, Duke of Trebizond, circa late 1080s-1098. Follis (Bronze, 27 mm, 3.25 g), Trebizond, circa 1092-1098. Bust of Alexius I, wearing crown surmounted by cross and with pendilia, holding cruciform scepter in his right hand and globus cruciger in his left. Rev. IC - XC / NH - KA in angles of large cross pommée. DOC -. SB -. S. Bendall: The mint of Trebizond under Alexius I and the Gabrades, in: NC 137 (1977), pl. 6, issue 3. Extremely rare. Areas of weakness, some corrosion and with an edge crack, otherwise, very fine.

Ex Sol Numismatik E-Auction 10, 4 February 2023, 430.

Theodore Gabras was a Byzantine general who recaptured the city of Trebizond from the Selkjuks in the 1080s. Granted the title 'Duke of Trebizond' by Alexius I, Gabras would successfully continue fighting the Turks several times, but he was eventually captured and martyred by the Danishmendids in 1099. He was later canonized by the Orthodox church, with his feast day being 2 October.
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