Virtually as struck
Lot 1812
Augustus, 27 BC-AD 14. Denarius (Silver, 19 mm, 3.78 g, 5 h), uncertain Spanish mint (Colonia Patricia or Tarraco?), circa 18 BC. CAESARI AVGVSTO Laureate head of Augustus to right. Rev. S•P•Q•R Round-domed, tetrastyle temple of Mars Ultor set on podium of three steps; within, chariot right, containing aquila and surmounted by four miniature galloping horses. BMC 389. CBN 1219. Cohen 280. RIC 115. A lustrous, fresh and boldly struck piece. Struck on a slightly short flan, otherwise, virtually as struck.

Ex Leu 10, 24 October 2021, 2295.
Starting price:
500 CHF
Hammer price:
3600 CHF
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Closing time: 25-Feb-24, 15:33:00 CET
All winning bids are subject to a 20% buyer's fee.


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