An unusually clear signature of Exakestidas
Lot 27
SICILY. Kamarina. Circa 425-405 BC. Tetradrachm (Silver, 26 mm, 16.80 g, 9 h), obverse die signed by Exakestidas. Athena driving quadriga galloping to right, holding kentron in her right hand and reins in her left; above, Nike flying left, crowning Athena with a wreath; in exergue, two amphorae; on exergual line, ΕΞΑΚΕΣΤΙΔΑΣ in tiny letters. Rev. KAMA[PI]NAION Youthful head of Herakles to left, wearing lion skin headdress. Boston MFA 260 (same dies). Rizzo pl. V, 11 (same dies). SNG Lloyd 871 (same dies). SNG Lockett 725 (same dies). SNG Oxford 1699 (same dies). Westermark & Jenkins 149 (O08/R15). Beautifully toned and with an unusually clear signature of Exakestidas. Some edge cracks and with a flan fault on the obverse, otherwise, very fine.

From the T. Frisbie Collection and that of Jonathan Kagan, sold on behalf of the American Numismatic Society, Gemini V, 6 January 2009, 329.

The difference in the rendering of this Herakles compared to that on the previous lot is striking. On the one hand, we have a bearded, middle-aged and battle-hardened man, and on the other, Exakestidas' juvenile, clean-shaven and energetic portrayal of the great hero, in essence an anticipation of the later, Hellenistic iconography of the demigod.
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