Lot 3085
SKYTHIA. Geto-Dacians. Koson, mid 1st century BC. Drachm (Silver, 19 mm, 4.47 g, 12 h), Olbia. KOΣΩN Roman consul accompanied by two lictors advancing left; before, monogram of ΟΛΒ. Rev. Eagle standing left on scepter, holding wreath in its right talon. Fischer-Bossert, type B. RPC I online 1701C. Very light doubling on the obverse, otherwise, extremely fine.
Starting price:
200 CHF
Hammer price:
2600 CHF
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Time left:
Closing time: 22-Aug-22, 10:42:00 CEST
All winning bids are subject to an 18.5% buyer's fee.


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