Beautifully toned and with a very attractive portrait
Lot 1442
GERMANY. Sachsen-Albertinische Linie. Johann Georg I, 1615-1656. Taler 1656 (Silver, 44 mm, 29.09 g, 9 h), on his death (Orb) NUM EXEQ IOHAN GEORG I S R IMP ARCHIM E EL SAX I C M D ASSER / AUG CONF RELMI NAT V MART A MDLXXXV DENAT VIII OCT / AN MDCLVI Bust of Johann Georg I half right holding sword over his right shoulder. Rev. DEO ( CAESARI IMPE/RIOQ RO FID CONST/ MAGNAN POST MULT / TRIUMP PAC PUBL REST / ET IN HOC QVOD SUI / SIMIL POST RELIQV / FELICISS9 PATER / PATRIAE BEATE / MOR (acorn) in ten lines. Davenport 7614. Schnee 894. Beautifully toned and with a very attractive portrait. Good very fine.
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200 CHF
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770 CHF
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Closing time: 21-Aug-22, 13:29:00 CEST
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