Lot 1439
GERMANY. Sachsen-Albertinische Linie. Johann Georg I, 1615-1656. Taler 1630 (Silver, 45 mm, 29.14 g, 1 h), on the centenary of the Augsburg Confession (25 June 1530). Dresden. CONFESS LUTHER AUG EXHIBITAE SECULUM (mintmark) Bust of Johann Georg right in the habit of Elector, sword across his shoulder, holding his left hand in front of him, between 1630 - 25 Juny / IOH - GEOR; shield below. Rev. TURRIS FORTISSIMA NOMEN DOMINI Bust of Johann des Beständigen right, sword across his shoulder, between 1530 - 25 Juny / IOA-NES. Davenport 7605A corr. (wrong illustration). Schnee 860. Nicely toned. Good very fine.
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100 CHF
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440 CHF
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Closing time: 21-Aug-22, 13:27:30 CEST
All winning bids are subject to an 18.5% buyer's fee.


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