An extremely rare diassarion of Clodius Albinus from Elaiussa-Sebaste
Lot 2053
CILICIA. Elaiussa-Sebaste. Clodius Albinus, as Caesar, 193-195. Diassarion (Bronze, 25 mm, 12.18 g, 2 h). Δ KΛⲰ CЄΠ•AΛB KAI Bare head of Clodius Albinus to right. Rev. CЄB I AY NAYAP ЄΛЄY Draped bust of Dionysos to right, with thyrsos over his left shoulder. BMC -. Imhoof-Blumer, KM, p. 442, 2. SNG Copenhagen -. SNG Levante -. SNG Paris -. SNG PFPS -. SNG von Aulock -. Of the highest rarity, one of a very few known examples. Some deposits and with minor adjustment marks as made, otherwise, very fine.

Ex Leu Web Auction 16, 22-24 May 2021, 2904.

Out of the very few provincial issues for Clodius Albinus, the coins from Elaiussa-Sebaste are certainly among the rarest. Unfortunately, they do not carry a date, but the issue likely forms the smaller denomination to large bronzes showing Septimius Severus on the obverse and Julia Domna on the reverse (SNG PFPS 472), which are dated to the city year 261 = 193/4. Thus, the entire issue is connected to Septimius' advance against Pescennius Niger, who was decisively defeated near Elaiussa-Sebaste in May 194 in the Battle of Issos.
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