Unpublished and of great interest
Lot 3165
Gallienus, 253-268. Antoninianus (Billon, 23 mm, 4.13 g, 6 h), Rome, 260-261. IMP GALLIENVS AVG Radiate bust of Gallienus to right, with slight drapery over his shoulders. Rev. IOVI ALL AVG III (sic!) Victoria advancing left, holding wreath in her right hand and palm frond in her left; in field to left, T. Cohen -. MIR -. RIC -. Unpublished and unique. A highly unusual issue of great interest. Nearly extremely fine.

The reverse legend on this exceptional coin, IOVI ALL AVG III, clearly does not make sense. What happened is that the artist started engraving the legend IOVI [VLTORI] from the same emission (MIR 348 and 382) in error before switching to the correct [VICT G]ALL AVG III when he realized his mistake.
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