A beautifully toned quadrigatus
Lot 2217
Anonymous, circa 225-214 BC. Quadrigatus - Didrachm (Silver, 21 mm, 6.69 g, 3 h), uncertain mint. Laureate head of Janus. Rev. ROMA (incuse on raised tablet) Jupiter, hurling thunderbolt with his right hand and holding scepter in his left, in galloping quadriga right driven by Victory standing beside him, holding reins with both hands. Crawford 28/3. RBW 65. Sydenham 64. Beautifully toned and well centered. Minor flan fault on the reverse, otherwise, extremely fine.

From the collection of J.B. Haarhuis, ex Numismatica Ars Classica 97, 12 December 2012, 1 and 51 Gallery, 13 November 2015, 122 and previously from a European collection, formed before 2011.
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