Lot 3193
Romanus IV Diogenes, with Eudocia, Michael VII, Constantius, and Andronicus, 1068-1071. Histamenon (Gold, 27 mm, 4.39 g, 6 h), Constantinopolis. KⲰN mX ANΔ Three figures standing facing on footstools; Michael VII, in center, wearing crown with cross and pendilia and loros and holding scepter; Constantius, on the left and Andronicus, on the right, both in similar attire and each holding globus cruciger. Rev. +RⲰmAN ЄVΔOKIA / IC - XC Three figures standing facing; Christ, nimbate, in center, standing on footstoll and crowning Romanus IV on the left and Eudocia on the right, both wearing crown and loros and holding globus cruciger. DOC 1. SB 1859. Struck from a worn obverse die, otherwise, good extremely fine.
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200 CHF
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650 CHF
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Closing time: 16-Aug-21, 12:21:00 CEST
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