Lot 1300
SYRIA, Seleukis and Pieria. Antioch. Autonomous issues. Tetrachalkon (Bronze, 23 mm, 9.16 g, 1 h), SE 223 = 90/89. Laureate head of Zeus to right. Rev. ANTIOXEΩN / THΣ - [M]HTPOΠOΛEΩΣ / ΓΚΣ Zeus seated left, holding Nike in his right hand and long scepter in his left; to inner left, ζ. BMC 14 var. (trident to inner left). SNG München 582-3 var. (same). Attractive earthen highlights. Very fine.
Starting price:
50 CHF
Hammer price:
100 CHF
Bid increment:
Minimum bid:
Number of bids:
Time left:
Closing time: 14-Aug-21, 21:49:30 CEST
All winning bids are subject to an 18.5% buyer's fee.


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