An exceptional Roma-Jupiter denarius, ex Schweizerische Kreditanstalt 4, 3 December 1985, 469
Lot 1146
Rhine Legions. Anonymous, circa May/June-December 68. Denarius (Silver, 18 mm, 3.08 g, 5 h), uncertain mint in Gaul or in the Rhine Valley. 'Virtus-Roma Group' - 'Jupiter Group', Style A. ROMA RESTITVTA Head of Roma to right, wearing crested helmet. Rev. IVPPITER LIBERATOR Jupiter seated right on throne, holding scepter in his right hand and thunderbolt in his left. BMC -. CG 25.1 (this coin). Cohen -. Martin -. Nicolas -. RIC -. Of the highest rarity, by far the best of only two known examples. A beautiful coin struck on exceptionally fresh and attractive metal. Light scratches, otherwise, about extremely fine.

From the collection of Dipl.-Ing. Christian Gollnow, ex Schweizerische Kreditanstalt 4, 3 December 1985, 469.

The emergence of the well-known Neronian Jupiter-reverse on the civil war coinage directed against the perceived tyrant is a particularly clever and interesting propagandistic move. Introduced in 64-65, the original type celebrated IVPPITER CVSTOS, Jupiter 'the guardian', and alluded to the overcoming of the Pisonian conspiracy in the same year, which Nero ascribed to divine intervention. In an irony of fate, the type provided a perfect opportunity for the rebellious Rhine Legions some years later to turn it against the emperor. Their type meticulously copied Nero's seated Jupiter, but it replaced the epithet CVSTOS, 'guardian', with LIBERATOR, thereby stylizing the revolt as a divinely inspired struggle for freedom.
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