Lot 1927
PTOLEMAIC KINGS OF EGYPT. Cleopatra VII Thea Neotera & Ptolemy XIII, 51-47 BC. Tetradrachm (Silver, 24 mm, 14.28 g, 12 h), Alexandria, RY 3 = 50/49. Diademed head of Ptolemy I to right, wearing aegis around neck. Rev. BAΣIΛEΩΣ ΠTOΛEMAIOY / L Γ - ΠA Eagle with closed wings standing left on thunderbolt, palm frond over shoulder; to lower left, headdress of Isis. Noeske -. SNG Copenhagen 399. Svoronos 1818. Struck from a slightly worn obverse die and with minor porosity, otherwise, very fine.

From the Rhakotis Collection, formed in the 1960s and 1970s (with collector’s ticket).
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