An interesting tessera of Demetrios II Nikator
Lot 598
SELEUKID KINGS OF SYRIA. Demetrios II Nikator, first reign, 146-138 BC. Tessera (Lead, 29 mm, 11.11 g). BAΣΙΛΕΩ[Σ] / ΔHMHTPIO[Y] - ΦΙΛΑΔΕΛΦΦOY / NIKATOPOΣ Athena standing front, head to left, holding spear in her right hand; in exergue, H. Rev. Blank. Flan slightly bent and with some stress marks, otherwise, very fine.

What exactly this odd piece was made for is unclear: perhaps it served as a tessera, or it was a trial piece struck in lead. It is worth noting that this type of Athena, with her holding a spear in her right hand, is unknown from Seleukid coinage.
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