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ISLAMIC, Mongols. Ilkhanids. Arghun, AH 683-690 / AD 1284-1291. Dirham (Silver, 21 mm, 2.30 g, 12 h), Hawk and Sun type, Tabriz, AH 688 = AD 1289. 'Hakanu Ariba Argunu Deledkeguluk Tabriz Sen Arghun' ('this coin was struck in Tabriz by Arghun, the vice-regal governor of the Great Khan' in Uighur); below, Hawk to right with sun-face behind. Rev. in the inner field, 'la ilah illa Allah Muhammad rasul Allah' (There is no God but God, Muhammad is the messenger of God' in Arabic) in three lines; in outer margin, 'darb Tabriz sana tis' wa-thamanin wa-sittami'a' ('struck in Tabriz in the year 8 and 80 and 600' in Arabic). Diler Ar-172. Lightly toned. Good very fine.
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