Lot 2258
Theodoros Bebaptismenos, spatharios, hypatos and strategos, 2nd half 11th century. Seal (Lead, 29 mm, 18.00 g, 12 h). Nimbate facing bust of Saint Theodore, holding spear over his right shoulder and resting shield on his left arm Θ/Є/O-Δ/ω/P,. Rev. KЄ RO / ΘЄOΔωPω / CΠAΘ VΠAT / S CTPATHΓ, / TW RЄRAΠΤ'/MЄNω in six lines. Unpublished in the standard references, but cf. Münzzentrum Rheinland 100 (1999), lot 765 and CNG 69 (2005), lot 2269 (partof). Minor breaks along the channel, otherwise, very fine.

Another person bearing the rarely attested second name of Bebaptismenos was an 11th century monk named Theodoulos (Laurent, Corpus V.2, 1456).
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