An unpublished cast double unit from the Aedui
Lot 58
CELTIC, Central Gaul. Aedui. Circa 60-50 BC. Cast double unit (Potin, 21 mm, 9.75 g), 'au mannequin' type. Male head to left, devolved into a standing figure ('mannequin'). Rev. Stylized bull to left; above, torque ending in two pellets. DT 3210B var. (lighter module and with 'mannequin' of different style and torque as part of tail). LT -. SLM 830 var. (lighter module). Extremely rare and perhaps unpublished. An interesting and unusually thick and heavy potin. Nearly extremely fine.

From the Keltika Collection, Switzerland.

This is a highly unusual piece for two reasons: for one thing, the upper part of the tail of the bull, which forms a volute on DT 3210B, has here evolved into a torque, and secondly, the weight of 9.75 g is double that of all the other known examples, which average around 4.5-5 g.
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