The last Axumite coin?
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AXUM. Hataz, before 620 and after 630. Chrysos (Electrum, 17 mm, 1.26 g, 12 h). BACIΛΙ•AZⲰMΙ Draped bust of Hataz to right, wearing tiara; to left and right, ears of barley; all within circular border. Rev. ✠AC✠A✠Θ✠H Draped bust of Hataz to right, wearing head cloth; to left and right, ears of barley; all within circular border. Hahn, MAKS, 91b. Hahn, Aksumite, 48. Extremely rare and of great historical importance. Edge chip and flan crack, and with some scratches, otherwise, good fine.

Hahn argues that Hataz was the last Axumite king to strike coins. Certainly, based on the low gold content, the carelessness with which they were struck and the decline in style, Hataz' coins must be placed near the end of the Axumite series. At this time, Axum was hit by the double catastrophe of Egypt's conquest by the Sassanids in the 620s, which disrupted trade with the Eastern Roman Empire, one their primary economic partners, and the Arab conquest of Egypt in the 640s, which permanently broke contacts between Axum and Constantinople. It is possible that some of Hataz' coins were struck posthumously using the king's name and types.
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