An exceptionally rare Taler struck during Johann Friedrich captivity
Los 3587
GERMANY. Sachsen-Ernestinische Linie. Johann Friedrich I, 1532-1547-1554. Taler (Silver, 39 mm, 28.61 g, 6 h), struck during his captivity in 1547-1552. Saalfeld, 1551. D•G•CAR•V•ROM•IMP•SEMP•AVG Half-length crowned and armored bust of Johann Friedrich I to right, holding scepter in his right hand and placing his left on sword. Rev. MONE•FILIOR•IOH•FRID•SENIORIS•SAX Coat of arms; above, •1551•. Davenport -. Koppe 207 (this coin). Schnee -. Of the highest rarity and great historical interest. Very fine.

Ex Künker 170, 22 June 2010, 4353.

This exceptionally rare taler was struck by Johann's sons during their father's captivity following his loss in the Schmalkaldic War in 1546-1547. As a convicted rebel, Johann was initially sentenced to death by the emperor, Karl V, but he was eventually 'only' deprived of his electoral dignity and held captive for five years.
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