An exceptional luxurious Byzantine gold pendant
Los 3194
Romanus IV Diogenes, with Eudocia, Michael VII, Constantius, and Andronicus, 1068-1071. Pendant (Gold, 43 mm, 9.37 g, 6 h), Constantinopolis. +RⲰmAN ЄVΔOKIA / IC - XC Three figures standing facing; Christ, nimbate, in center, crowning Romanus IV on the left and Eudocia on the right, both wearing crown and loros and holding globus cruciger. Rev. ⲰN mX ANΔ Three figures standing on dotted ground line; Michael VII, in center, wearing crown with cross and pendilia and loros and holding scepter; Constantius, on the left and Andronicus, on the right, both in similar attire and each holding globus cruciger. DOC 2. SB 1861. An exceptional contemporary pendant. Very minor internal damage to the mounting, otherwise, very fine.

The artist who created this luxurious Byzantine pendant set a solidus of Romanus IV, with Eudocia, Michael VII, Constantius, and Andronicus, into a magnificent gold mount consisting of an inner and outer wreath connected by filigree ornate decorations. We can tell from the orientation of the mount that the owner of the pendant was supposed to show the reverse of the coin when he was wearing it (hence we have switched the descriptions of the obverse and reverse). It presumably served as the centerpiece of a luxurious necklace and was shown off on important occasions such as court festivities.
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