Maurice Tiberius' son Theodosius
Los 3891
Theodosius, 590-602. Half Siliqua (Silver, 16 mm, 0.67 g, 7 h), Carthago. Helmeted, draped and cuirassed bust of Theodosius facing; around, traces of legend. Rev. AMЄ/NITA/S DЄI in three lines; all within beaded border within wreath. DOC 305. MIB 60. SB 614. Very rare. Somewhat crystallized and with a minor flan crack, otherwise, very fine.

Theodosius was the eldest son of Maurice Tiberius and Constantina and his co-ruler and designated successor from 590-602. Some reports say that he was killed in the revolt of Phocas in 602, but the Sasanian king Khosrau II claimed that Theodosius survived and fled to his court, where he was promptly used as a pretext for an invasion of the Byzantine Empire. While many historians suspect a charade, it is worth noting that the man put forward by Khosrau as Maurice's son convinced both the people of Edessa in 603 and the garrison of Theodosiopolis in 606-607 of his identity, which seems quite an astonishing achievement for a mere impostor.
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