A beautiful aureus of Titus with a bold Flavian portrait
Los 3440
Titus, as Caesar, 69-79. Aureus (Gold, 20 mm, 7.11 g, 7 h), Rome, 75. T CAESAR IMP VESPASIAN Laureate head of Titus to right. Rev. PONTIF TR P COS IIII Victory, holding wreath in her right hand and palm frond over her left shoulder, standing front, head to left, on cista mystica, on either side of which is a snake coiling up on its tail, facing inwardly. BMC 173. Calicó 750. Cohen 163. RIC 785. Lightly toned and with a particularly bold and attractive Flavian portrait. The reverse struck slightly off center, otherwise, nearly extremely fine.

From the collection of an Armenian businessman, Leu 7, 24-25 October 2020, 1568 and ex Künker 226, 11 March 2013, 795.
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