Lakulisha, the famous propounder of Yoga
Los 751
INDIA, Post-Mauryan (Malwa). Ujjain. Bhumimitra, circa 1st century BC. AE (Bronze, 12 mm, 2.76 g), circa 1st century BC. BHUMIMITA(SA) (in Brahmi) Lakulisha (Shiva) seated on lotus flower, holding club in his right hand and steering a levitating orb in his left; to left, chakra (sacred wheel) above tree in railing. Rev. Large four-orbed Ujjain symbol with swastika between each arm and small four-orbed Ujjain symbol inside central cricle. Pieper 405. Rare and unusually attractive. Good very fine.

From a collection of coins from Central Asia.

This coin shows Lord Shiva in his last incarnation as Lakulisha, the famous founder of Yoga. Shiva is sitting in the lotus posture controlling a levitating orb, both symbolizing the achievement of a higher spiritual level.
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