'Prototyp' issue
Los 27
CELTIC, Central Europe. Vindelici. Late 2nd to early 1st century BC. Quinarius (Silver, 14 mm, 1.66 g, 3 h), 'Prototyp' issue. Naturalistic male head to left, hairs in thick upwards strands. Rev. Horse galloping to left. Dembski -. Flesche 365. Karl 309 var. (later style). Kellner, Manching, 66. LT -. SLM 1105 var. (later style). Very rare and darkly toned. Some deposits, otherwise, good very fine.

From a Swiss collection, formed over two generations.

This issue is the precursor of the later 'Büschelquinarii', on which the male head on the obverse gradually degenerates into a whirl. What is especially interesting about this coin is that both the male head and the horse are of a very early and exceptionally naturalistic style, which places it at the beginning of the whole series.
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