Struck by Levon I in anticipation of the failed Armenian conquest of Antiochia
Los 1968
ARMENIA, Cilician Armenia. Royal. Levon I, 1198-1219. Follis (Bronze, 18 mm, 0.96 g, 5 h), Sis (Armenia), but intended for circulation in Antiochia, early 12th century. Knight on horseback galloping to left, holding banner in his left hand. Rev. Cross potent with A / N / T / O in angles. MPS p. 234, 135. Metcalf, Crusades, 483. Porteous -. Wäckerlin -. Very rare and of great historical interest. Earthen deposits, otherwise, very fine.

This coin was minted in Sis by Levon I, but it was intended for circulation in Antiochia once the great Crusader city would have been captured by the king. However, Levon never actually conquered Antiochia (although he managed to install Raymond-Roupen as the ruler of the city in 1216, see above, lot 1616) and these coins are therefore all very rare today.
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