An extremely rare bronze drachm of Kavadh I
Los 1216
SASANIAN KINGS. Kavadh I, second reign, 499-531. Drachm (Bronze, 28 mm, 4.08 g, 9 h), uncertain mint. Draped bust of Kavadh I to right, wearing mural crown with frontal crescent and korymbos set on crescent; before head, blundered legend in Pahlawi. Rev. Draped bust to right, wearing cap with korymbos and pearl diadem, raising his right hand; around, blundered legend in Pahlawi. SNS III. pl. 137, A27. Extremely rare. Very fine.

The mysterious portrait on the reverse of this interesting issue has been identified as the heir apparent Khosrau I, an unknown satrap, or even Kshatra Vairya, the third of the great six "divine sparks" of the creator Ahura Mazda. It is worth noting that in the Gathas, the hymns composed by Zarathushtra, Kshatra Vairya is the guardian of metals.
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