From the La Catillon (Jersey) Hoard of 1957
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CELTIC, Northwest Gaul. Abrincatui. Circa 60-50 BC. Stater (Billon, 21 mm, 6.88 g, 8 h), 'les billons au profil luniforme, type de transition'. Celticized male head to right, with curly hair and strings of pearls coming out of the hair. Rev. Celticized horse to right with stylized horseman above; to upper left, head of another horse; below, lyre flanked by four anulets. DT 2269 and pl. XI (this coin). LT pl. XXV, J. 5. Very rare and with a fine pedigree. Beautifully toned and very well struck on a broad flan, an exceptional example. Nearly extremely fine.

From the Kleinkunst Collection and the collection of the MoneyMuseum, Zurich, Triton XVIII, 6 January 2015, 817, ex Leu 79, 31 October 2000, 76, from the A. McCammon Collection, Baldwin’s 20, 11 October 1999, 26, and from the La Catillon (Jersey) Hoard of 1957.
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